[VISITING ARTIST] Sun Screen Ice Cream (2018, mixed media)

Continuing her ‘Trousseau’ series in a new medium, SUNSCREEN ICE CREAM THIS IS THE FUTURE is Pipsinella’s most recent work exploring themes around holidays and leisure.

Working at the intersection of the contested and ever-changing spaces of travel, meteorology and our boundaried, human bodies, Pipsinella’s work continues to challenge our settled notions of artistic category. Painting? Installation? Performance? Just as the sun screen and ice cream perform a disruptive role here through their presence on unexpected surfaces, here creativity flows beyond the spaces and surfaces assigned to it, inviting speculation about whether the highly culturally inscribed notions of travel and leisure are similarly fluid and subject to reinterpretation by the creating subject.

Working with organic mineral protective oil her application technique is reminiscent of monsatic gesso.