[VISITING ARTIST] Piazza Comunale (2018, performance)

Anglo-Italian artist Olivia Passalenti developed this performance as part of the Grottamare summer residency programme. Inspired by the bustling, chaotic public life of a classical Italian piazza, the work explores the capacity of architecture to structure, constrain and still be overspilled by the always already excessive energy of human social interaction. During the performance the…

[VISITING ARTIST] The Mower Against Gardens (2018, acrylic)

This striking work by London-based artist Ariella Wolf was created using a brush formed of natural rosemary leaves. The paper was placed directly on grass in the open air within an urban park, before being strongly worked such that the paper has become heavily textured by the surface underneath. Coupled with the vivid greens and…

[VISITING ARTIST] Appropriation (Frida Kahlo): 2018, collage

The piece references traditions of creative re-use and re-appropriation, asking: where do we draw the line between the imitation and development inherent in the notion of ‘artistic tradition’ and when does this spill over into parody, plagiarism or appropriation? Here Pipsinella references the cats of the popular ‘I Can Haz Cheezburger’ internet ‘meme’, repurposed image…

[VISITING ARTIST] Sun Screen Ice Cream (2018, mixed media)

Continuing her ‘Trousseau’ series in a new medium, SUNSCREEN ICE CREAM THIS IS THE FUTURE is Pipsinella’s most recent work exploring themes around holidays and leisure. Working at the intersection of the contested and ever-changing spaces of travel, meteorology and our boundaried, human bodies, Pipsinella’s work continues to challenge our settled notions of artistic category….

[VISITING ARTIST] Trousseau (2018); Installation

Artist in residence ‘Pipsinella’ explores reusable technologies, revisiting The Grand Tour with a wry look at global fluidity and aspirational travel in the context of climate crisis and sustainability. Themes of appearance vs essence and post-racial tropes also make their presence.