Landscapes 5: Tado Taisha Chochin Matsuri (2018, mixed media)

This mixed media addition to the ‘Landscapes’ series continues the international and more urban themes emerging with Container Port, depicting one of Japan’s great Lantern Festivals. Dynamic lines suggest the movement of crowds toward lighted lanterns in the top part of the piece while multiple red circles against the white lower section imply a multiplication…

[VISITING ARTIST] Sun Screen Ice Cream (2018, mixed media)

Continuing her ‘Trousseau’ series in a new medium, SUNSCREEN ICE CREAM THIS IS THE FUTURE is Pipsinella’s most recent work exploring themes around holidays and leisure. Working at the intersection of the contested and ever-changing spaces of travel, meteorology and our boundaried, human bodies, Pipsinella’s work continues to challenge our settled notions of artistic category….

[VISITING ARTIST] Trousseau (2018); Installation

Artist in residence ‘Pipsinella’ explores reusable technologies, revisiting The Grand Tour with a wry look at global fluidity and aspirational travel in the context of climate crisis and sustainability. Themes of appearance vs essence and post-racial tropes also make their presence.